Thomas Winterbottom An accont of the native africans in the . Vol. 2

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Полный вариант заголовка: «An accont of the native africans in the to which is added of the present state of medecine among them. Vol. 2 / By Thomas Winterbottom».

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Krzysztof Trzciński Wojny w Liberii i (1989-2002) Geneza, przebieg i następstwa

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Megan H. MacKenzie Female Soldiers in

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The eleven-year civil war in from 1991 to 2002was incomprehensibly brutal—it is estimated that half of allfemale refugees were raped and many thousands were killed.While the publicity surrounding sexual violence helped tocreate a general picture of women and girls as victims of theconflict, there has been little effort to understand female soldiers’involvement in, and experience of, the conflict. FemaleSoldiers in draws on interviews with 75 formerfemale soldiers and over 20 local experts, providing a rareperspective on both the civil war and post-conflict developmentefforts in the country. Megan MacKenzie argues thatpost-conflict reconstruction is a highly gendered process,demonstrating that a clear recognition and understandingof the roles and experiences of female soldiers are centralto both understanding the conflict and to crafting effectivepolicy for the future.

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Ботинки высокие ECCO SIERRA II

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Malene Breytenbach Dokter sonder grense

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Joernalis Clare Rutland wil haar enigste broer, dokter Nick Rutland, in gaan soek waar hy vir die humanitêre organisasie Dokters sonder Grense werk.  is in ’n bloedige burgeroorlog gewikkel en Clare het ‘n jaar laas van Nick gehoor. Clare weet dat Nick se enigmatiese vriend, die Franse dokter Louis du Plessis, wat hom oortuig het om by Dokters sonder Grense aan te sluit, ook in  is. Heimilik wil sy ook vir Louis gaan soek – ten spyte, of eerder as gevolg van hulle geskiedenis. Daarom dat sy vir Spies Lategan, geharde voormalige lid van die Suid-Afrikaanse Spesiale Magte, kry om haar te help om die dokters te probeer kontak. Maar Spies is’n ladies man en moeilik om mee saam te werk. Te midde van die chaos en gruwels van oorlog, en die gevaar waarin sy dikwels verkeer, moet Clare boonop deur emosionele storms worstel.

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Mohamed Saliou Camara Health and Human Security in the Mano River Union

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This book is a study of the challenges facing the Mano River Union (MRU) countries of Liberia, , Guinea, and Côte d’Ivoire, with respect to health security and human security. The study is conducted against the backdrop of the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and , and in conjunction with the impact on human security of the civil wars that engulfed Liberia, , and Côte d’Ivoire in recent decades. The author explores the state of public health and national health systems across the sub-region with a view to identifying the underlying institutional and societal challenges facing each nation-state, as well as the potential for enhancing national health systems and creating an integrated regional system of health security. Furthermore, the author examines the challenges facing the MRU countries in the broader context of human security which encompasses physical and mental health; food security; environmental security; political security including law and order; and community security, such as the protection and empowerment of vulnerable segments of the population. The author concludes by recommending deeper regional integration, supranational governance and sovereign collective self-reliance within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) as the most viable strategic approach to the pervasive health and human security challenges in West Africa.

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Кроссовки SIERRA Joma Кроссовки SIERRA

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Gibril R. Cole The Krio of West Africa

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’s unique history, especially in the development and consolidation of British colonialism in West Africa, has made it an important site of historical investigation since the 1950s. Much of the scholarship produced in subsequent decades has focused on the “Krio,” descendants of freed slaves from the West Indies, North America, England, and other areas of West Africa, who settled Freetown, beginning in the late eighteenth century. Two foundational and enduring assumptions have characterized this historiography: the concepts of “Creole” and “Krio” are virtually interchangeable; and the community to which these terms apply was and is largely self-contained, Christian, and English in worldview. In a bold challenge to the long-standing historiography on , Gibril Cole carefully disentangles “Krio” from “Creole,” revealing the diversity and permeability of a community that included many who, in fact, were not Christian. In Cole’s persuasive and engaging analysis, Muslim settlers take center stage as critical actors in the dynamic growth of Freetown’s Krio society. The Krio of West Africa represents the results of some of the first sustained historical research to be undertaken since the end of ’s brutal civil war. It speaks clearly and powerfully not only to those with an interest in the specific history of , but to histories of Islam in West Africa, the British empire, the Black Atlantic, the Yoruban diaspora, and the slave trade and its aftermath.

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Fleming I. Diamonds are Forever

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The twentieth century looked out at him from the piece of newsprint and bared its teeth in a sneer From the diamond mines of to the jewellers of Hatton Garden, from race track to casino, Bond must infiltrate and destroy the criminal network of the Spangled Mob in Flemings fourth 007 adventure.

WE ARE LEONE Комбинезоны без бретелей

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атлас, креп, пояс-кушак, цветочный рисунок, без рукавов, глубокий вырез горловины, множество карманов, эластичный пояс